Pallavi Joshi’s Gurus

Pt. Gajananrao Joshi

Pt. Gajananrao Joshi (1911-1987) was a unique and versatile vocalist and a renowned violinist in Hindustani Classical Music. Pt. Gajananrao Joshi, fondly known as Gajananbuwa was born into a family of musicians. His grandfather, Manohar Joshi had studied dhrupad and dhamar. His father Pt. Anant Manohar Joshi (Antubuwa) was a renowned khayal singer and was a disciple of Pt. Balkrishnabuwa Ichalkaranjikar.

Gajananbuwa studied the gayaki of Gwalior Gharana under his father, Pt. Anant Manohar Joshi. He also assimilated features of other gharanas into his singing. His other gurus were Ustad Vilayat Hussain Khan of the Agra Gharana, Ustad Bhurji Khan of the Jaipur-Atrauli Gharana and Pt. Vinayakbuwa Ghangrekar for Tabla.

Buwa’s contributions, both as a vocalist and a violinist were recognized. He was awarded the Sangeet Natak Academy award (1972), award given by ITC-SRA (1982) and Tansen Sanman by Madhya Pradesh Govt. (1985).

Pt. Madhukar Joshi

Pt. Madhukar Joshi, fondly known as Madhubuwa is the son and disciple of Pt. Gajananbuwa Joshi. He is a renowned vocalist as well as an equally accomplished violinist. He is a senior artist of All India Radio and is a Guru at ‘Sangeet Academy’, Dombivali. Many of his disciples are regular performers.

Dr. Sucheta Bidkar

Dr. Sucheta Bidkar (Malutai) is the daughter and disciple of Pt. Gajananbuwa Joshi. She is a versatile musician and has been a successful vocalist, teacher, author and researcher. She has been a ‘Senior Fellowship’ awardee, former Head of Department (Music) at SNDT Women’s University, Pune.

Shri Manohar Joshi

Shri Manohar Joshi is the son & disiciple of Pandit Gajananbua Joshi. He is well trained violinist.

Pt. Arun Kashalkar

Pt. Arun Kashalkar is a vocalist of the Agra-Gwalior gharana. He received initial training in music from his father Shri. N.D. Kashalkar, who was a lawyer and a musicologist. He further received taleem from Pt. D.V. Pankhe, Rajabhau Kogje, Pt. Ram Marathe, Pt. Gajananbuwa Joshi and Pt. Babanrao Haldankar.

He has been training a lot of students, most of whom are successful performers. He has composed more than 150 bandishes under the pseudonym ‘Rasadaas’ and these compositions have been compiled into a book named ‘Swar Archana’.